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Where did the time go?

Whether you are a freelancer or a big creative agency, you want to be paid for the hours you work. Do the hours you’ve worked match the estimates? Or do you have to ask the client for more budget?

This can only be achieved by accurate time tracking. Hardly anybody’s favourite task. That’s why we’ve made it easy. With Rodeo you can track your time with just a few clicks, also on mobile.

Keep on top of your budget.

Accurately budgeting your projects gives you a much better grasp on all the elements of a project. Is there enough budget for each item? How many hours are needed to complete a task? Which external expenses can you expect? Rodeo helps you budget quickly, both for hours and expenses.

During the executive phase of the project, smart indicators let you know whether you’ll stay within the budget. Allowing you to make adjusts, if necessary, on time and making sure you don’t run into any unpleasant surprises later on.

Estimate, don’t guesstimate.

The great thing about creative projects is that they’re never the same. But that’s also their pitfall: clients demand to know up front how much time and money will be spent on a project, in detail. But how can you do this when so much of each project is unique and tailor-made?

Luckily, Rodeo will help you out. By itemizing each part of the project you create maximum transparency. Giving both your client and yourself clear insight into needed hours and costs and making sure your client knows exactly what can be expected on delivery.

Other features

  • Handy dashboard

    Keep track of the progress of all your current projects with the handy dashboard. Making it easier to keep within the budget and send out invoices on time.

  • Seamless integration

    Rodeo is seamlessly integrated with your accounting software and gives your accountant direct access to the relevant project data.

  • Digital invoices

    Create customizable digital invoices and track if they have been paid by your customer. Each sales invoice is send automatically to your accounting software

  • Digital purchasing orders

    Send digital purchase orders to your suppliers and keep oversight of your incoming invoices.

  • Multi-lingual software

    Rodeo has English, German and Dutch language settings. Ideal for working effortlessly within multilingual teams.

  • Clear rapports

    Gain insight into your progress with comprehensive reporting. Check how your current projects are doing financially, see what you’ve earned on closed projects and learn whether your employees are productive enough.

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